Top Ten Ways to Romance Your Spouse

Finding time to incorporate passion and romance into your marriage can be a challenge, but it is also a challenge which can be fun to meet.  Couples are constantly busying up their lives with the demands of daily responsibilities.  To sustain and nurture a relationship between couples, it is imperative to find time to continuously add romance and intimacy to the relationship.  Salsa dancing provides a unique and steamy element to any marriage. It can help to strengthen the bond and add an appreciation of one another back into the development of the unit as a couple.

1. Communication is important between couples.  Take the time three to four times a week to talk to your spouse and then be sure to listen to what he or she has to say in return.

2. Take a salsa dance class together to spend time with one another doing something creative, artistic, and passionate.  Few other things can bring a couple together the way dancing can.

3. Light the candles. Turn off the lights during dinner one night a week.  This allows for time to relax and unwind in a quiet and romantic setting.

4. Turn the TV and video games off in your bedroom. Let the bedroom be a place for intimacy and long, quiet talks together.  Electronic distractions can quickly drain the romance in a marriage.

5. Get involved in a social life together.  Taking a salsa dance class in group lessons will allow you the opportunity as a couple to meet other couples.  Salsa lessons will also give you a chance to learn to dance expertly so you can go out to dance clubs on weekends and enjoy a fantastic date night together.

6. Encourage your spouse in what pursuits he or she is doing.  If your wife wants to take salsa lessons, be supportive and sign up to learn to dance with her.

7. Be proud to show off your husband or wife.  Plan for date nights where you can go out to eat and out dancing.

8. Sign up to learn something new together.  Learn the Argentine Tango or how to salsa dance by taking private dance lessons one night a week.

9. Get in shape with your spouse.  Break up the monotony of going to the gym and take salsa lessons so your mind and bodies can be stimulated while toning muscles and fine-tuning figures.

10. Put your spouse first above work and other responsibilities.  This will let him or her know how important he or she is to you.

It may be difficult at first to find the time to incorporate dance lessons into your weekly routine; But making it a priority can greatly impact your marriage in a positive and profound way.  Couples benefit when they set aside time each week to do something to stimulate their marriage in a positive manner. Dancing can bring many positive aspects to any intimate relationship.

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