Hot Latin Salsa Art Entertainment Ville Salsa Theater Henry Lemi-

Why attending to Hot Latin Salsa Art Entertainment Ville Salsa Theater Henry Lemi- ? Here is the Inside Track.

It is going to be fun. A live band is in town.

  • The Place where the memorable happening is Henry Lemieux Community Center. It is located at 7644 Rue Édouard, LaSalle, QC H8P 1T3.
  • The purpose of this special occasion is to encourage the Latin community to a smooth transition and integration into Ville LaSalle society.

Hot Latin Salsa Art Entertainment Ville Salsa Theater Henry Lemi-Timing

This event will take place September the 23rd at 7:00 PM.Hot Latin Salsa Art Entertainment Ville Salsa Theater Henry Lemi

It will start with a Salsa Dance Lesson animated by master instructors Tony Rausseo and Sylvie Dupont from Hot Latin Salsa Dance Company.

This Dance School is Located right at heart of Ville LaSalle: 7721 Newman Boulevard to be exact. It Teaches: Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Reggaetón, Cha-cha-cha. This dance institution knows how to put salsa moves into your blood.

Last but not least, The Chico Band Ensemble. This Latin Band has the reputation of putting on fire every place they go with their sassy Latin Dance Music. You will get off your chairs to get up to dance to the Latin tunes.


News on Hot Latin Salsa Art Entertainment Ville Salsa Theater Henry Lemi- Dance Show Surprises

Performance from Hot Latin salsa Dance Company and Chico Band, Latin Orchestra.

These two deep-rooted companies have worked together many times before. They complement each other marvelously well.

Hot Latin Salsa dance team knows Chico Band’s Latin music repertory quite well. The HLS dance team can perform at its best under Chico Band’s Latin melodies. Because, every song is charged with Latin fire, every move, every step is electrifying.

What to expect out of Hot Latin Salsa Art Entertainment Ville Salsa Theater Henry Lemi-

Let’s put it simply. Henry Lemieux will just put the place in flame. The Theater will go purely up on fire and excitement.

Chico Band plays many Latin rhythms; But the specialty of the house is Hot Latin Salsa.

Programs In Hot Latin Salsa Art Entertainment Ville Salsa Theater Henry Lemi – Where To Go

  1. Hot Latin Salsa Dance Course from 7:00 – 8:00 PM
  2. Chico Band and Hot Latin Salsa Dance Performance at 8:00 – 10:00 PM
  3. 7644 Rue Édouard, LaSalle, QC H8P 1T3

For more information on this event contact Hot Latin Salsa Dance courses Montreal, Lasalle Classes, Brossard Bachata Lessons

This what you should know about Chico band

Hot Latin Salsa Art Entertainment Ville Salsa Theater Henry Lemi- Chico Band

It is a great local Latin band that performs in the province of Quebec for many years. They’ve been here for over 30 years. The founder of the group, piano player George Calero. When folks know that they play in town, the make sure they keep the date the available. This is because they are a very popular Latin band.

Find Chico Band on Facebook

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Thank you for attending Hot Latin Salsa Art Entertainment Ville Salsa Theater Henry Lemi- .

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Discover Tips for Online Dancing: Learning to be a Successful Dancer

Like many other things in today’s modern society, you can learn to salsa dance online. For people who are not in a geographical location to have access to group or private dance lessons at a studio. Online dance lessons teaches you easy step-by-step instructions. This allows you to learn and advance at your own pace from the comfort of your home.
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Personal Development: Getting to Know Your Body

Hot Salsa Articles -Personal developmentThere is no person who takes salsa dancing lessons whom does not get to know his or her own body at a more intimate level.

As you learn to isolate different parts of your body for different dance movements, you become acutely aware of your body and its limits, as well as its capabilities.
In addition to getting to know your body better,  continuing on with regular salsa dancing lessons, these lessons will impact much on your body. Specially how physically fit you are. Muscles will begin to become more toned; fat will be burnt away as your body reacts to the consistent movement of salsa dancing. New shape and definition will begin to form which will not only impact your ability to dance better and to become more agile and limber, but it will also provide you with new confidence and more self-esteem.

Dancing for Entertainment or Social Dancing

Some people like to play golf as a pastime; some people enjoy yoga or playing cards. Salsa dancing is another form of entertainment which is more active than many pastimes. It allows you to meet new people as you visit dancing clubs.
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